Top 5 conscious travel products

It goes without saying that we at TRVLBEES love to travel. And when we do so, we try to do that consciously. Truth be told, we ain’t no saints either. BUT we do believe that we should encourage each other to make our travels as conscious as can be. How? By choosing less polluting means of transportation, eco hideaways, and packing conscious travel products only. To help you get started, we have selected our current favorite top 5 conscious travel products for you and your family. Five items that should definitely come along on your holidays! Plus- and here comes the best bit: we have an amazing giveaway and some discount codes to share with you! So good luck and happy travels…

Bear & Mees

This Dutch sustainable shoe brand produces the coolest sneakers and sandals for kids (aged 3-9), all made of recycled PET bottles and organic cotton. Each season focuses on an animal (the current one being the shark) and all shoes are mainly sold online to prevent waste and unnecessary costs. Your kid(s) won’t be needing socks as the shoes are super soft and easily washed – the hardest task will be which ones to choose!

GIVEAWAY: Bear and Mees have offered us two pairs of their amazing sneakers to give away!! Want to win? Just follow these steps:

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  2. Let us know in the comment section below or via e-mail that you’d like to win a pair of these amazing shoes! *

DISCOUNT: On top of the giveaway, Bear & Mees offers a 10% discount code to all of our followers. Just use code TRVLBEES and let your kid(s) decide which shoes they love most! **

* This promotion will end on June 20, the winners can choose from the Bear & Mees summer collection.

** The discount code is valid until 30 September 2019.


Scoon is dedicated to finding brands and products that use cruelty-free and non-toxic ingredients, apply sustainable production methods and reduce packaging and waste. This new company fits right in our profile. Founders Guusje and Marloes help people switch to clean beauty and sustainable fashion and personally hand pick their favorite brands from all over the world. We love their dedication and honesty. Scoon acknowledges that it’s hard for brands to tick all the boxes, and therefore sticks to a list of key criteria they find crucial. Bravo!

DISCOUNT: While packing your bags you should definitely head over to their beautiful site and treat yourself to one of their many conscious brands. What about an extra rich moisturizer to use during a long flight, a hand balm to protect your hands or a mask? Suncare? We cannot choose! Luckily, SCOON offers a 10% discount to all of our followers! Just use code TRVLBEES10 and start picking.

Foto credits Madara


We don’t know about you, but we love hot summer days at the beach or pool with our family. Nothing beats spending the entire day outside, soaking up as much rays of sunshine as we possibly can… However: protection! We figure you know all about the dangers of too much sun exposure, and so does this beautiful brand from the UK. Manufactured in Italy at a small family firm, Folpetto strives to use a sustainable techno-fabric made with Econyl (a 100% regenerated polyamide fiber from post consumer materials, eg abandoned fishnets and other plastic waste) for over 80% of their swimsuits. Safe, stylish ánd sustainable: excellent combo!

Gray Label

Amsterdam based Gray Label has been a steady favorite for years! While always keeping kids and their personalities in mind, this label produces the most beautiful and comfortable organic clothing. In order to respect the world we live in, Gray Label strives to keep their items and materials circulating, never goes on sale and stays away from making trendy pieces. All products carry the GOTS certified label, which both means and assures facts such as no chemicals and pesticides, fair price and direct payment, safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labor, and leftoverfabrics are reused. An absolute must in your kids’ holiday wardrobe!

The Bam and Boo

Did you know that more than 500 million plastic toothbrushes are produced each and every year? Imagine the disastrous effect this has on our planet… This is where brilliant The Bam and Boo comes in: toothbrushes made of 95% renewable sources, being 95% biodegradable (the remaining 5% is made up by the nylon made bristles-since this material still proves to offer the best oral care. However, they are still searching for other options). Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, naturally antibacterial (so no need for pesticides, fertilizers or huge amounts of water) and sourced at a certified supplier, which ensures sustainability. The Bam and Boo offers a 3-monthly subscription (simply delivered by mail!), family packages and other eco friendly products such as straws and bags. Smart and sustainable: we love it!