The best Kid-Friendly Hideaways by Charlotte

Something that we love about our TRVLBEES community is experiencing the power of like-minded traveling parents coming together to give each other tips for the best kid-friendly hideaways, whether they are about stylish accommodations, things to do in the area, or simple good-to-know’s.

Charlotte’s favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting wonder-mum Charlotte Burgoyne, co-founder of Little Voyageurs – a travel community for parents, similar to TRVLBEES – and chatting with her about her favorite kid-friendly hideaways. To inspire you even more, we’ve included some of our personal favorites, too.

You are a true citizen of the world. Born and raised in France, living in the US for several years, and now based in Algiers. Can you tell us something about your life journey?

“I remember being 12 years old, staring at the sea from the back of a sailing boat and thinking “the world is my oyster, and my home.” I got this all-engrossing feeling that I would never want to stay in one place for the rest of my life. To me, discovering new countries and adapting to unfamiliar cultures is the most amazing way to grow and get to know yourself.

Charlotte’s favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte

When I graduated from journalism school in Paris, I decided to launch my career in the field right away and moved to Syria. I started freelancing for French media from Damascus, and gradually from the entire Middle East. I LOVED it. A few years later, I changed my base to Yemen, doing the same thing, and ended up meeting my husband there.

We continued our journey in the region for several years, after which we decided to move back to the US to start our family. With kids, my thirst for other places grew faster than ever. I remembered thinking that I would never live in my birth country again, because the world is simply too big, and there is too much out there to explore. Being able to combine my lifestyle and work with my blog, City Guides and Instagram Little Voyageurs, encourages me even more to continue down this path.”

TRVLBEES’ best Kid-Friendly Hideaway – Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa
TRVLBEES’ best Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Ojai Valley Inn, USA

We’re firm believers in a travel community for parents who share the best kid-friendly hideaways. Do you see any difference with TRVLBEES? And where do you see Little Voyageurs in five years from now?

“I believe that parents need more than an amazing accommodation for a successful family vacation. A comfortable and stylish stay definitely sets the foundation for a delightful trip for the adults, but how suitable are certain destinations and accommodations for kids? And how are parents supposed to obtain stylish and authentic advice to eat out, play, and discover a place with the whole family? The TRVLBEES team truly simplifies this process and, more importantly, makes it enjoyable!

Parents become part of an inspiring and nurturing community that is open to parents of all kinds, whether they are experienced or inexperienced travellers, and whether they are completely clueless, or know exactly what they want to get out of a vacation. Everyone’s welcome! And that’s exactly what community and travel should be about. Parents are ‘spoon-fed’ a bunch of amazing destinations, homes away from home, and, with all the tips and advice they receive from the TRVLBEES website and community, they have practically nothing to worry about.”

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids

What’s your fav travel destination with your kids?

“I absolutely adore Portugal because it checks almost every box. You can easily combine an urban trip and a nature-centered escape in a week. I suggest heading to exciting Lisbon for a short city trip, and then venturing along the renowned coast, where you’ll find countless beautiful sights, surf hotspots, cafe’s, markets and so on.

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids

The food, first and foremost, is fantastic. The people are remarkably welcoming to families, and you’ll never feel out of place with (agitated) toddlers. In terms of accommodation, I’d recommend The Martinhal, which is actually one of my favorite kid-friendly hotel collections in the world. We had a wonderful stay!”

TRVLBEES’ best Kid-Friendly Hideaways in Portugal – Casa Mae
TRVLBEES’ best Kid-Friendly Hideaways in Portugal – Craveiral Farmhouse
TRVLBEES’ best Kid-Friendly Hideaways in Portugal – Vila Monte Farmhouse,

TRVLBEES focuses on family-friendly, conscious, and stylish hotels and hideaways, so let’s talk. In terms of family-friendly, what are you looking for when planning your own family holiday? Any must-haves?

“As I mentioned, the accommodation is key to a successful trip. Of course, every child and family is different, but typically, when you break your routine with kids, you need to feel at home somehow in order for your kids to feel comfortable too. Your stay is, thus, really important.

First of all, I always make sure that the setup of the rooms suits my family. Ideally, we need connected rooms or a suite with a closed area for the kids. Not only is that fun for them, but being able to have some peace and quiet with my husband after the kids’ bedtime is also important for us as parents. After all, we are on holiday too! Remember, it’s no shame to grant yourself some well-deserved down-time. 

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte

In terms of other amenities, I always try to pick a place that allows for boundless relaxation, that means comfortable beds, lounge areas, a good pool; just somewhere where both kids and parents instantly feel ‘zen.’

On the other hand, considering that you’re traveling with kids, it’s important to select a destination and accommodation that have plenty on offer in terms of activities. Can we rent a car to explore the area? Can the kids take a surf-, cook-, or even dance lesson? Is there a kids’ pool? A playroom? Is there a spa and gym on site (for the parents)? You name it! Luckily, the TRVLBEES collection is versatile when it comes to these things.”

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids

In terms of stylish, how does this category apply to you? How would you describe your ideal ‘boutique’ stay? What should a boutique stay entail?

“Stylish stays are very important to me, and they are, in fact, the only kind of accommodation I feature in our City Guide. The aesthetic of a place is as important to me as its kid-friendliness. Part of a great vacation is the feeling that you’re escaping from home. Not because you resent your own home or daily life, but because you allow yourself to immerse in some luxury and stay at a place whose interior you’ve fantasized about.

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Charlotte & Kids

You don’t go on holiday every week, so when you do, you want to be ‘wowed’ by a destination and the accommodation you’re staying at. You want and deserve to feel a little ‘spoiled.’ For a stay to be “boutique,” I consider the number of rooms, the type and quality of services, and the general ambiance.”

In terms of consciousness, how important is this to you and your family? Do you consider a hotel’s / hideaway’s social and environmental footprint when booking?

“Of course! It’s always a nice addition to our family trips, knowing that we’re staying at an eco-friendly place and thereby minimizing our impact on our surroundings. With the world facing a climate crisis, it’s – perhaps now more than ever – incredibly important to continue enjoying your travels, but doing so in an environmentally-conscious way.”

What would you consider the top 3 TRVLBEES stays (hotel/villas/B&B’s) that you’ve visited as a family?

“I adored Haus Hirt in Austria, and not just because of its amazing views of the renowned Alps landscape. This is a place where both children and adults will feel at rest the moment they enter the boutique hotel. It’s sleek and stylish, but also incredibly cozy; a perfect combination of modern and classic with every Austrian luxury within reach.”

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Haus Hirt, Austria
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Haus Hirt, Austria
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – Haus Hirt, Austria

“We had to pinch ourselves a couple of times to make sure the Ekies All Senses Resort was real. We crushed on every detail in the hotel, starting with its fantastic location: an authentic, raw, and truly breathtaking part of Northern Greece. You will love the earthiness of the surrounding pine trees, combined with the iode of the sea.

The kids will definitely enjoy spending time at the well-equipped kids club, or otherwise soaking in the retro-chic ambiance of the pool. This place triggers all of your senses, most remarkably, with its 6 restaurants serving fresh and locally produced goods.”

“The stunning 4-hour drive from Athens – through mountains, wildflowers, and fig trees – was totally worth it. This one is a gem! The Kinsterna Hotel Monemvasia is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and citrus trees.

You will spend your days relaxing at one of two marvelous swimming pools or at the exciting outdoor playground. The beach and several historic Greek sights are just around the corner. I doubt you’ll get bored here!”

Last summer, you visited New York and Cape Cod. Our TRVLBEES members would love to hear the ‘What to do’s’ and ‘Where to stay’s’. Please spill the beans and let us in on your best tips!  

“In New York, I would start the day by a brunch at Dimes and its stack of bright green matcha pancakes, check out the funny curiosities that radiant Chinatown has to offer, head for a restorative stroll on the High Line, spend one hour vintage shopping at the Soho Market, and another one at Camp, the newest family concept store in a town filled with kids’ entertainment.

After a full city day, I would cross the Brooklyn Bridge and rest your little heads on the soft pillows at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge or in a family Suite at the NU hotel.”

Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, USA
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, USA
Charlotte’s Favorite Kid-Friendly Hideaways – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, USA

“The best way to enjoy Cape Cod is to rent one of the many houses lost in the woods for a week. This will give you just enough time to check all these must do’s and see’s. Ride a bike along the Cape Cod National Seashore until Coast guard beach, take a swimming class at Great Pond, chase crabs and watch the tide roll in and out at First Encounter Beach, drive around the Provincetown’s dune, and catch a movie at the Wellfleet drive-in theater.”

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