Family-friendly boutique hotels in the Caribbean

While some of us welcomed autumn like a long lost friend, others dread the wet, dark days ahead and wish for warmer weather and sunshine. Well, fear not! We have got you covered: read ahead and browse these wonderful family-friendly boutique hotels in the Caribbean. Sunshine guaranteed!


This tiny island is quite a special place – at least to me. Both my roots and part of my youth lay there and I think you could say it is my happy place. So beware: I might be biased…. But, based on the ever-growing number of visitors each year and recent coverage by the likes of Vogue and Condé Nast, there are more people out there loving this tropical island.

And what’s not to love? Curacao has pristine beaches with turquoise waters, some of the most beautiful fish you have ever seen, year-round sunshine and a simple and wonderful local cuisine that pleases about everybody. Not to mention the beautiful architecture, interesting history and countless cultural activities as well as beautiful nature to explore.  Curacao is extremely kid-friendly and your kid(s) will love most activities. Plus, the island is currently embracing all sorts of green initiatives, such as beach cleanups, organic farms and eco lodging. Ready to pack your bags?

Mondi Lodge

This lodge might not be a typical luxury hotel, but it is wonderful in so many other ways. Located just a few kilometers from Willemstad, the capital of Curacao, you will find this little gem. Built on a part of family owned plantation Klein Sint Michiel, the ecolodge currently consists of four palapa houses (one of which has two bedrooms); although they have a very basic look, they actually offer you all the comfort you need, including air conditioning, in-and outdoor showers and a kitchenette.

Green Gem

The owners are very strict and thoughtful in terms of environmental conservation, recycling and waste management (much of the furniture is made of driftwood and recycled pallet wood, and the restaurant works with an á la carte menu as to avoid wasting food) and social and communal commitment. Baby cots are available and there is a nice pool onsite. There are so many beautiful beaches nearby you will have a hard time choosing where to go! Green, basic but beautiful and surrounded by nature: we loved it!

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  • Have lunch at the wonderful Hofi Cas Cora – one of the first organic eateries in Curacao, or as they call I it an ever-expanding green business model
  • Make a sailing trip to Klein Curacao, the deserted little island just off the coast
  • Book a city tour to explore the wonderful Punda and Otrabanda
  • Visit the wonderful Children’s Museum


If you are looking for a bit of untouched, raw Caribbean beauty, this is your place. I am serious! Even smaller than Curacao, Bonaire has so much to offer you could spend weeks there and still miss out on things.
Incredibly blue waters, a magical and protected underwater world, a huge amount of (rocky) beaches and a beautiful national park. Add a very chill and friendly vibe and there you have it: paradise. So, where to stay with your family?

Harbour Village

Think Dirty Dancing’s Kellermans hotel in terms of old school charm, but way more stylish and perfectly located, boasting its own beautiful beach, a wonderful swimming pool and lots of hammocks to crash in after yet another lunch or piña colada. The water is really shallow so the kids can play safely at the shore while you watch them from your lounger- both breakfast and lunch are served right at the beach, overlooking the ocean, and the hotel is situated in a huge lush garden. Done with building sand castles? Use one of the paddleboards or kayaks, or schedule and island adventure to Klein Bonaire, where you can spend the day swimming, strolling ánd spotting turtles.

Harbour Village offers rooms, suites and villas, all fully equipped and just steps from the beach. The styling perfectly mixes luxury with Caribbean vibes – think swaying fans on the ceiling and lots of wood and warm colors.

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Aruba is the smallest, windiest ánd driest of the ABC-islands. However, because of its incredibly beautiful beaches, tourism has flourished like nowhere else. The island is really popular with Americans and thus you will find many resorts and lots of facilities. Perfect if you are looking for a full-service and smooth family holiday! We have put together these luxury family-friendly hotels for you to choose… enjoy!

Boardwalk Small Hotel

Located in a former coconut trees plantation you will find fourteen gorgeous and fully equipped casitas and a pool amidst lush tropical gardens. Only a 3-minute walk to Aruba’s pristine beaches, this small eco hotel will offer you peace and quiet – just what you needed! The hotel has implemented eco-friendly procedures, technologies and policies as to continuously focus on lowering its environmental impact. The Boardwalk Hotel offers beach toys for the kids, breakfast service at your casita, and, to top it off, a Treasure Box full of tips on unique activities and hotspots on the island. The kids will want to start treasure hunting immediately!

family-friendly boutique hotels Caribbean

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Text by contributing editor: Felicia da Costa