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While roaming the globe in a search for exotic, beautiful destinations, we realized that luxury family travel is all about the details. It’s the way in which a staff member provides what your little one needs, it’s the touch of character found in the interior design and, it’s supporting a property that values sustainability and is making a positive change to their local community and the world. This is what you can expect when you book a property found in the TRVLBEES collection. It’s all about being family-friendly, conscious, and enjoying a touch of (boutique) style.


Whether your travel dreams involve indulging in local foods or simply playing in the pool or ocean, we call it luxury family travel for a reason. With on-site facilities for every family member, our hotels, villas, and hideaways make families feel welcome.

  • Benefits for parents: think spa treatments or a romantic culinary experience while the nanny service is making sure your kid(s) are well taken care of
  • Benefits for kids: a Kids Club, kids’ menus, family activities on-site and in the area
  • Kids proof: safety first! A fenced pool, easily accessible stairs, high chairs, baby monitors and cots are just a few examples


If we can, why wouldn’t we?Every TRVLBEES property approaches sustainability differently. Either way, we love hotels, villas, and hideaways with a ‘heart,’ the ones that try their best to make a positive change to their communities and the world by:

  • Using organic and locally produced produce
  • Focusing on energy reduction and recycling waste
  • Setting up social projects and working with local staff
  • Involving guests in conscious activities and interaction with guests like farm visits, renting e-bikes and cleaning the beach
  • Implementing sustainable business operations and using sustainable building materials

Boutique Style

We look for surroundings that have the ability to make you slip straight into holiday mode. Real luxury family travel gives you locations with cool interiors, savvy extras, and a feeling of total relaxation. This is what we look for:

  • The most charming surroundings that seamlessly mix with the environment. Think local touches and items and interiors that ooze history and charm
  • A feeling of peace, style, and a certain level of coolness
  • Personal service that gives that extra touch. From the baby robe and kids’ shampoo in the bathroom to the complimentary aperitif you receive upon arrival

So if you are in search of luxury family travel that include boutique hotels with charm, B&B’s that know how to make families feel special, lovely retreats that grow their own food and make it a priority to reduce their environmental footprint, then you’ve landed in the right place.

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