The perfect family holiday in Greece and France

Buckle up for the perfect family holiday in Greece and France, tipped by travelbee Mariangela’s.

perfect family holiday in Greece and France

Today, our TRVLBEES member, Mariangela Monti spills some of her favorite hotel tips for the perfect family holiday in Greece and France.

Milan-based Mariangela Monti is a stylish mother of two, writer, and passionate traveler. She is the creative and artistic mind behind the popular Italian blog Moms about Town. Are you ready to find the best pizza in Milan? Besides her family friendly hotel tips, she also gives us some invaluable tips on visiting Milan with kids. How about the best children’s fashion boutiques? Well buckle up, because Mariangela reveals all of that and more below!

perfect family holiday in Greece and FrancePool at Chateau Les Carrasses

You are a travel writer, which means that you must know about some pretty special places! What are some of your favorite family holiday spots in Greece and France?

I have two places that are near and dear to my heart because their design is gorgeous and the facilities they offer for kids and parents are excellent.

  • The first is Chateau Les Carrasses, a lovely family friendly boutique hotel located in a castle from the 17th century surrounded by vineyards in Languedoc, France. After undergoing a renovation, it is now an estate made of modern, cozy, and comfortable apartments that are perfect for families. The hotel allows guests to borrow bicycles and explore the quiet nearby trails and packs picnic baskets for their day adventures. The Chateau also has a beautiful infinity pool to relax in and a kid’s club.

Kid’s club at Chateau Les Carrases

  • The second is the Thalatta Seaside Hotel, which is secluded in the middle of the wilderness on Evia Island in Greece. It is boutique hotel and everything is within reach: the beach, the swimming pool, great restaurants, and very importantly, the kids club!

perfect family holiday in Greece and FranceThalatta Seaside Hotel

What does your dream family holiday look like?

Being on the road in Portugal – discovering new towns, chilling by the ocean, and eating good food. It’s on my bucket list!

If you could choose one place in the world to visit that you haven’t been to yet, where would it be — and why? 

Japan. Everybody says it is one of the most charming countries in the world and also very kid-friendly.

You live in Milan, where shopping and dining are serious business! Can you give us some advice on where to stay and what to do in the city with kids?

perfect family holiday in Greece and FranceCourtyard of the Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Milan is a nice family friendly hotel and has a lovely Sunday brunch for families. MUBA, the Milan Children’s Museum, has art exhibitions and performances for children. It also has an amazing bookstore and the museum bistro is perfect for lunch.

Kid’s breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel

Where can we find the best pizza in Milan, because, after all, we LOVE pizza (and so do our kids)?

Gino Sorbillo makes the best pizza in town and it is located right in the city center.

Let’s talk about fashion and interior design! What are your favorite boutiques for children?

  1. Le Civette sul comò, which has a showroom in the Porta Romana area of Milan and an online store, designs dream spaces for children. The products are exciting, attractive, environmentally friendly, and safe. Most of the items come from abroad; northern Europe in particular. The two mothers who started the project look for items that merge fun and furniture and are both practical and comfortable, and it shows!
  2. Mezzanotte Store has beautiful niche fashion brands for children. If you are looking for a one-stop shop
  3. La Renascent department store is also fantastic – you can find the best fashion brands for kids and parents, as well as good restaurants!

Can you describe your interior design style? 

A mix of old and new. Scandinavian design and pieces from Italian designers from the fifties.

Give us a glimpse into your household – what are your children like?

Olivia just turned 7 and she is a quiet and creative soul, who is in love with ballet and music. Her brother, Antonio, who is 6, is super lively! He is always on the move. His passion is football and he is a huge supporter of the Italian team Juventus. Since they are only one year apart, they play together a lot, but they also fight. Argh!

What is your absolute favorite part of being a mom? 

Watching my children grow into individuals, develop their own personalities and skills . . . that is the best part! I also love to watch them discover the world and witness new and beautiful things . . . which is why travelling with children is so important!

perfect family holiday in Greece and FranceMariangela and her kids

If you could take your children anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Southeast Asia: I truly love those countries and that’s where my husband asked me to marry him 8 years ago!

What is your traveling-with-kids must-have?

Medicine! We never leave home without it! Fevers and accidents are always around the corner when traveling with kids, and they can spoil a holiday quickly! We like to be prepared.

Moms About Town is an awesome resource for parents and has over 14k followers! How did you decide to start blogging?

A dear friend of mine suggested that I do it because she believed I had the potential to be a good storyteller. The blog was born when my kids were 2 and 1 years old, and I had just gone through what is the hardest time to be a mom, and I felt the need to share my thoughts about it – not in a melodramatic or serious way, but in an ironic way. Since I love to travel and get to know my city to the fullest, the blog soon became a place where I shared tips about what to do in Milan with kids and where to spend family holidays. My followers are moms who have many interests, love to travel, and go out with – and without – their children.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and blogger, you are also a travel writer. Tell us about your collaboration with

I’ve been writing for for a year now and I love it! I have a great relationship with the editors; they give me the freedom to write about places that inspire me. It is one of the best children’s magazines around!

In your blog, you mention using organic skin care products for children. Do you have a brand that you recommend? 

I love Linea MammaBaby. It is very mild and the products smell great. It is an Italian brand, founded in 2012, that was born out of a mother’s need to find delicate soap for her son’s very sensitive skin. Now they sell everything from soap to sunscreen, conditioner, oils, and after sun spray, and package it in colorful and creative way for children.

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Text by: Loren Braunohler