Jetteke van Lexmond’s Family-Friendly Trip to Lapland

Today, you can read all about Jetteke van Lexmond’s family-friendly trip to Lapland. Jetteke, super-mum of 2 cool boys, Creative Director and Stylist, and contributor for VOGUE, recently visited the marvelous luxury eco Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Lapland; a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her and her loved ones.

You had a great long-time wish of taking your kids to this unique place, perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth! How was your trip to Lapland? What was the most memorable?

“A while ago, I got to witness the astounding Northern Lights during a photoshoot for Vogue in Swedish Lapland. It was such a special experience, and I couldn’t help but wish that I’d get to see them again with my family. Especially because my husband has always dreamed of seeing them in real life.”

“Something that I will remember for the rest of my life is Lapland’s unique natural beauty, and hearing nothing but the sound of crunchy fresh snow beneath your shoes. It’s truly unforgettable.”

You stayed at one of our favorite properties, the stunning Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. How was your stay? Did you enjoy a Northern Light experience?

“The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is nothing but a wonderful getaway. Our little home away from home was unbelievably gorgeous, especially because of the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a great view of the North, which means that, if you’re lucky, you get to spectate the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed or cozy lounge, while sipping on some hot cocoa by the fireplace. How great is that?”

“I particularly loved having a private sauna in our little hideaway: the perfect place to warm up after spending time exploring the outdoors in -20°C weather. And yes, it was absolutely freezing while we were there, but the sky was clearer than ever, creating the perfect conditions for marveling at the Northern Lights. It was MAGICAL!”

What did your kids like the most about visiting this scenic place? 

“In terms of activities, the husky ride was undoubtedly their favorite! And not without good reason: it really was a one-of-a-kind adventure! We booked our tour at Bear Hill Husky, who have a great team that takes excellent care of their animals.”

“Although some might be worried about the huskies’ well-being, they actually love doing this. In order to stay happy and healthy, they need to run at least 50 kilometers per day. Not only were the views spectacular, both Alex (my husband) and I got to steer the sleigh that we were ‘tucked into’, which was great! If you ask me, this is definitely one for the bucket list!”

What is your favorite photograph taken on this trip?

“That would have to be the one of all of us on the sleigh, it’s such a stunning picture that it truly makes me emotional every time I look at it. The frozen lakes, the beautiful forest, the four of us on a cozy sleigh pulled by the most adorable animals out there. Simply breathtaking…”

TRVLBEES focuses on family-friendly, stylish, and conscious hideaways – so let’s chat about that.

Family-friendly: when searching for your own family holiday, do you specifically focus on this feature? How and why?

“I find it very important that the kids feel welcome and at home, and that was definitely the case at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel! The boys loved the tubes and sleds offered by the hotel; they raced down the nearby hill for hours on end! The hotel also offers a fabulous kids menu composed of healthy versions of what you usually see.”

“Upon arrival, the boys each got an adorable moose stuffed animal and home-made iced tea, and throughout our stay, they could borrow a pair of sturdy snowshoes for kids and roam around the hotel’s extraordinary surrounding nature. These little details really made our stay complete!”

Stylish: does this category appeal to you? How would you describe ‘boutique-stylein terms of stays?

“The interior and exterior of the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel resemble the perfect blend of local Finnish craft and design (to create an authentic atmosphere), and sleek modernity. As for the accommodation units, I would say that they speak for themselves.”

Conscious and sustainable: is this factor important to you when you and your family book a getaway?

“Yes, absolutely! For example, we always hang-dry our towels while on holiday, and try to use them at least 4 nights in a row. Because we made sure to hang them on a drying rack rather than tossing them on the floor, the maid service at the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel also did not collect them, which was great. The same goes for bed sheets. We also noticed that the kitchen incorporated little quirks and details to encourage sustainability and consciousness and to minimize waste. All the drinks were stored in glass bottles, and the tap water, for that matter, was of the most amazing quality and absolutely delicious!” 

Any other tips for TRVLBEES members who are visiting Lapland with their kids? 

“I 100% recommend going ice fishing and, of course, going on a unique husky sleigh ride. Also, make sure to visit the moose farm. It’s a great way to teach the kids a bit about the local culture.”

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