THE TRVLBEES Amsterdam GUIDE (online)

THE TRVLBEES Amsterdam GUIDE (online)

The city guide for style loving conscious parents

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The TRVLBEES Amsterdam Guide is the guide meant for style loving conscious parents who want to ensure that both they themselves and their kids have a great time.

Amsterdam, our hometown of many years, in our view has it all for parents and kids alike. We’ve approached Amsterdam through a family-friendly, stylish, and green lens, and put together a guide that will ensure every family member is happy during your stay.

This TRVLBEES Amsterdam Guide includes:

- The best tips for stylish, green and family-friendly places to stay.

- Our favorite parks & playgrounds and museums to visit with kids. Because we’ve experienced Amsterdam with kids of all ages, you’ll find tips for babies, toddlers and school-aged kids.

- A complete list where to shop: from that lovely sustainable toy store to the shop with that perfect vintage Chanel jacket.

- Our favorite yoga schools & beauty treatments to pamper yourself.

- And of course, we’ll also let you in on the best family-friendly restaurants & bars for a parent’s night out.

- An online map of all the spots in the guide. So from where you stand the nearest locations can be found instantly.


Debby, Felicia & Emma

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