Family friendly hotels and hideaways in Tuscany

While there’s snow outside, we have summer on our minds! And what better place to spend that beloved season than in family friendly hotels in Tuscany. 

Tuscany has been a prizewinner for decades and we cannot help but agree: you should spend your family holiday in Tuscany. So stop browsing and just pick one of these gorgeous family friendly hotels in Tuscany. 

You’ll want to stay in (estate) Tuscany Forever

You’ll find this gorgeous family friendly hideaway in the heart of Tuscany. Located among villages, vineyards and overlooking the medieval walls and towers of Volterra. The 12 breathtaking villas and 30 boutique apartments are built with great attention to maintaining the characteristically Tuscan style.

Dip in one of the three pools (one with a river-flow system!), or challenge another family to a tennis match at the resort’s tennis court. Being an incredibly family friendly resort, other families and thus more little friends for your kids are guaranteed!

Tuscany Forever is the perfect place if you are looking for a mix of culture, great facilities and children’s entertainment.

Family fun in Villa La Bianca

Looking for a luxury yet very welcoming stay in gorgeous Tuscany? Villa La Bianca offers exactly that. This estate, decorated in the elegant style of late 18th century country houses surely lives up to being stylish. Hosts Elga and Sandro will make you and your little ones feel comfortable and at home right away.

While you’re relaxing on the daybed, there’s plenty of fun on-site for your little ones. They’ll love splashing in one of the pools, or playing with all other kids on the enormous lawn. And at the end of the day? Enjoy a pleasant meal on the veranda during the colder months, while in summer the food will be served under the shade of the sycamore tree.

Family friendly Piettori in Tuscany

Always dreamt of spending your family holiday in Tuscany at a typical agriturismo? Look no further… Piettorri is located in the beautiful countryside around Siena and consists of seven beautifully restored and decorated residences (varying in size). All apartments have a kitchen and a private terrace or outside area; perfect for another glass of wine when the kids have gone to bed!

As the owner is a father himself, he made sure to make the grounds very suitable for kids as well; there is a playground, great pool and, as pièce de résistance, a small private lake where you can take them fishing! This is a dream for everyone who’s looking for a family friendly accommodation in Tuscany.

Dinner is once a week but can also be brought to your apartment (on request). Can you picture yourself slowly navigating the winding roads over the rolling Tuscan hills after having spent a wonderful day in Sienna, only to arrive at your home away from home just in time for an aperitivo?

Locanda Rossa is one of the best family friendly hotels in Tuscany

Locanda Rossa actually embodies all values we treasure at TRVLBEES: a boutique-style property that’s family friendly ánd has a green mindset.

Situated amidst an olive grove on the hills of the Maremma area, this little gem offers everything you will need during your family holiday in Tuscany. Locanda Rossa is one of the most family friendly hotels. From spa to playground, from two different pools to a wonderful gym: both parents and kids will be so pleased! Kids will love the trampoline– and we’ll bet you will join them! If you are not browsing the on-site interior shop for unique finds, that is…

All the fresh food is either right from the property’s own garden or supplied by local farms, fisheries and butchers. If the bike rides on the estate or the games of tennis have worn you out, it might be time for a visit to the nearby beach.

Both the apartments (with a microwave) and (junior) suites (boasting a full kitchen) are great for families and beautifully decorated with pieces of art.

Family friendly Borgo Lucignanello Bandini

If you and your family are looking for some family friendly hideaways in a magnificent place, this might be your destination. Originally farmworkers’ cottages, the five houses (2-6 guests) are beautifully restored and filled with antiques, books and art. There is also a farmhouse just outside the village with a private pool that can house up to seven guests.

Lazing around the grounds, biking the surrounding hills or simply gazing at the view from the property’s infinity pool: this is family friendly Tuscany at its best. Participate in one of the onsite cooking classes to master the art of Italian cuisine, while the kids roam the gardens. Amazing street markets, thermal baths and restaurants are all easily reached (by car). Breakfast can be delivered at your doorstep!

Il Borro, family friendly hideaway in Tuscany

Il Borro is a place where family, fun and fashion come together. Owned by famous brand Ferragamo, this property was restored while paying the utmost attention to preserving its history and traditions, combined with ethical decisions such as the use of local labor and implementing eco-sustainable practices. The absence of pesticides, the use of natural fertilizers and renewable energy all help to protect the environment. Something TRVLBEES loudly applauds!

Families can choose from villas, suites or farmhouses- all to be discussed while booking, so you will get a custom made offer. From villa to farmhouse: every accommodation is a family friendly hideaway.

Your kids will be pizza masters after taking a children’s cooking class, during which you can relax at one of the pools, take a golf lesson at the sustainable golf course or check out the spa.

And what about a hot-air balloon adventure with your family? Or a wine tasting while the kids explore the gardens? No need to leave the premises for dinner, as the resort offers several restaurants. This truly is a remarkable place in so many ways- go and find out for yourself!

Family friendly to do’s in Tuscany

Well, where to start! Tuscany is home to many great Italian cities; it just depends on what you feel like.


If you want to submerge in ancient history and wander the streets of a smaller town, you should definitely go to Siena. Its Piazza del Campo is regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful squares; this is where the famous horse race Il Palio is held twice a year (on July 2 and August 16- don’t miss it!).Should you dare to climb the 120m-high Torre del Mangia you have a superb view over Siena and the surrounding hills.

Aerial view of Siena city, i Tuscany Italy


In terms of beauty and history, you cannot skip Tuscany’s capital Florence, home of the Renaissance and an absolute must for art- and history lovers. Beautiful architecture wherever you look and go, and quite a few amazing restaurants to recover from all the strolling and sightseeing.

Make sure to plan your itinerary well before actually going- most of the tickets for museums and cultural institutions can be bought or reserved online. Florence is incredibly crowded during summer so this will literally save you hours and hours of standing in line for, say, the world famous Duomo. You can thank us later!


Besides these two gems, there are lots of smaller towns and villages that are perfect for an afternoon visit- even if it’s just for a delicious gelato… You should explore San Gimignano, Pitigliano (with an ancient synagogue), Volterra, Montepulciano and neighboring Montalcino (famous for some of Italy’s best wines). You definitely need a car while in Tuscany so make sure to arrange that in advance.

Road trip along the Tuscan coast

Speaking of which: if you have time, you should definitely consider a road trip along the Tuscan coast. Coastal towns like Massa, Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio and Livorno are excellent stopovers for a few days of lazing at the beach- just plant yourself on a chair and start people watching. It does not get more Italian than this!

Coastal town Livorno

Food and wine galore!

Food- and wine lovers will also love Tuscany as some of Italy’s best wines come from this region, just like the famous truffles. Just make sure to consult honest guides like Slow Food to avoid tourist traps and bad food.

Last but not least: Tuscany is the epicenter of art and history. Driving around feels like being in a huge open-air museum, with strikingly beautiful architecture, sculptures and paintings wherever you look. So even if your kid(s) won’t allow you to visit every art institution or exhibition you possibly can, you will still be able to satisfy your longing by simply looking around.

Can you tell TRVLBEES loves family friendly Tuscany?

First of all because of all of the above- Tuscany is simply amazing in terms of art, history, food, wine and nature. Combine that with a super child friendly attitude and vibe and we’re even happier! However, as we aim to show you properties and hideaways that pay great attention to being green and responsible, we are also pleased by the fact that Tuscany has that on the agenda.

Being a hugely popular tourist destination (with capital Florence welcoming around 4 million visitors each year), tourism is a fundamental pillar. Luckily there is debate on the optimal balance between its economic benefits, the impacts on the city and resources, the implications on communities and the recurring temporary over-utilization of iconic places. The region has started projects that aim to support local authorities to explore and design solutions for responsible tourism in their towns and cities.

Advanced Circular Economy Package

Tuscany has also approved an Advanced Circular Economy Package; the aim is to lower the overall amount of waste and achieve a high percentage of waste separated collection, at least 60% of material recovery, reduce landfills to 10% of urban waste and increase energy recovery.

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