Family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

Colorful Cartagena should really be high up on your travel wish list; chances are you have booked your flights already! Colombia is an immensely popular destination when it comes to family holidays, and Cartagena is a perfect starting point for you and your family. Don’t know where to start looking for eco stays and wonderful activities? Don’t worry, as we have selected our fave family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena. Just for you!

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

Where to stay in Cartagena?

Casa del Coliseo

Coastal metropolis Cartagena is the so-called jewel in Colombia’s crown. One of the most colonial cities in Latin America, this city offers you a beautiful glimpse of its interesting past, while accommodating you with modern day luxury (travel) features.

Hotel Casa del Coliseo is an excellent example of this combined pampering; located in a 17thcentury colonial building inside the fort walls, the hotel boasts modern day luxury, style and service.

As the hotel is located within walking distance of many historic sites, museums and restaurants, you can perfectly combine a morning outing with a lazy afternoon at the rooftop pool…
Don’t feel like walking at all? Casa del Coliseo offers complimentary bikes as well – no excuse!

Yoga classes, massages and babysitters can be arranged upon request. Just do us one favor: arrange an amazing rooftop bbq during sunset. You’ll be hooked!

This wonderful hotel offers 12 beautiful rooms, of which the Deluxe suite and suite are most suitable for families up to four (a cot and extra bed can be provided). One of our favorite family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena! Read the whole review about this boutique hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here).

Casa San Agustin

In its own words, Casa San Agustin is ‘a luxurious small hotel, lovingly restored and reimagined for a new generation of travelers, echoing Cartagena’s fresh contemporary style and colorful Caribbean sensibility.’
Well hello there, perfect little gem! Casa San Agustin is definitely a part of our list of family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena that you must experience!

family friendly eco hotels in cartagena

You can request an unpacking service, which gives you so much more time to go and explore Cartagena, either on foot or by complimentary bike- or just simply place yourself and your family alongside the beautiful pool for some relaxing. What about tea in the library, a few drinks at the bar and dinner in Alma, the on site restaurant?

cartagena boutique hotel for families san agustin

Should your kid(s) demand some fun in the sun, you can arrange a day trip to the private beach on Barú island, just 45 minutes away.

Oh and did we mention the Spa, solarium and pool bar? You can thank us later!

All 20 guestrooms and 11 suits are beautifully decorated, while preserving the authentic Colombian style ánd offering you modern day amenities and features. The Suite Prestige is most suitable for a family, as it has two bedrooms and a living/dining room, divided over two floors.
The hotel even boasts statements on sustainable development- and policy. Bravo! Read the whole review about this boutique hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here).

family friendly eco hotels in cartagena

Things to do in and around Cartagena

Once built on gold and slavery, this beautiful colonial city on the Caribbean coast now makes for a wonderful holiday destination. Old world buildings, colorful flowers and beautiful plazas: Cartagena really is a must-visit when you travel to Colombia.

We could talk for hours on end on what do see and where to go, but we tried putting it down in just a few tips:

Historical trips:

  1. Located just an hour from Cartagena you will find the UNESCO- recognized village of San Basilio de Palenque. This village is home to the iconic Palenqueras (beautiful Afro-Colombian women in bright dresses selling fruits in Cartagena’s plazas) and the first freed slave settlement in the Americas. It also has a completely unique language!
  2. Speaking of which: Cartagena’s history is quite amazing. So while once the largest slave port in the Americas, the city was often besieged and invaded by pirates. The San Felipe Castle is one of the best examples of Spanish forts in this area, and the old city walls still house the original cannons from those days. Every walk through the Walled City feels like you have travelled back in time.

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

Amazing Arts:

  1. Does Fernando Botero ring a bell? Throughout Cartagena you’ll find his beautiful works of art. Amazing street art and murals in Getsemani, which was once a ‘no-go area’ for tourists. Now Getsemani is considered to be one of Colombia’s coolest neighborhoods in Cartagena! At the Museum of Modern Art you can all find works by great local artists. Don’t forget to browse the many wonderful galleries while wandering the streets of the Old Walled City!
  2. Cartagena being a melting pot when it comes to different cultures makes it the home of the champeta and bambuco – important music in Colombia. Its numerous salsa clubs are quite legendary too; so why don’t you grab the opportunity to learn some of the moves? Bazurto Social Club and Café Havana are perfect venues… Life is all about music and Cartagena lives by that saying!

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

Food Fest:

Cartagena is quite famous for housing some of Colombia’s best restaurants. It’s time to get out there and try as much as possible!  From local market stalls (explore the Bazurto market!) to exquisite cuisine. Let the options of incredible fresh food amaze you. Stews, fruits and fish galore!

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena


Sometimes you just want to unwind, reconnect with nature and get some fresh air in your lungs. Right? Options galore to do just that around Cartagena! Cartagena is right in the middle of some of the best spots to relax.

  1. National park
    Tayrona National Park is located in Colombia’s protected northern wilderness. The park offers you endless amounts of nature in the most amazing way. Sandy beaches, lagoons, palm trees, and lots of greenery with that. Plus: there is no development in the area, so the views of this rough piece of paradise are divine.

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

  1. Beaches
    The city beaches are often quite crowded, but don’t be upset! Dreaming of white sandy beaches and incredible turquoise water? They’re only a short boat ride away. Playa Blanca, Isla Grande, the Rosario Islands or Tierra Bomba will cater to all your needs….
    Make sure you don’t miss out on some (deep-sea) diving! The islands of Santa Catalina, Rosario and Providencia certainly deserve a visiprovide access to the third largest coral reef system on earth. Marine life, coral gardens and sunken pirate ships as far as the eyes can see!

family friendly eco hotels in Cartagena

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