5 Eco Family hotels in Asia

We are about to present you some of the finest Eco Family hotels in Asia that should be on Your Travel Bucket List. Why? Because Asia offers it all: sunshine, great food, family friendliness ánd an increasing number of (luxurious) green options and locations.

After years and years of growing, developing and thus polluting, Asia is now taking steps to tackle its own environmental problems. Numerous companies and action teams are launching initiatives and projects to lessen the waste and slow down the devastating effects on nature and society.

As far as TRVLBEES is concerned, looking for eco options when booking your holidays should be standard, and so we are giving you a head start with these five wonderful Eco Family hotels in Asia:

1. Malaysia: Batu Batu

Well hello there, little paradise…. Set on the small uninhabited island of Pulau Tengah, this wonderful, simple eco resort is a definite go to in terms of, well, everything.

Pristine beaches, crystal clear blue waters and beautiful nature everywhere you look- sounds tempting? Your kid(s) will love this hotel as well, starting with the bunk beds, the Playhouse (Books! Toys! Games!) and the running around on the beach.

Eco Family hotels in Asia

Batu Batu pays a lot of attention to Sustainable Tourism and to protecting and preserving the island’s natural habitat and its surroundings with initiatives such as:

  • treating and recycling waste water
  • having solar water heaters on all villas
  • sourcing from and supporting the local economy 
  • the use of refillable glass bottles 
  • setting up a very special Turtle Watch Camp 

TRVLBEES’ member Minke van Geen and her family strongly suggest a visit to this amazing family friendly eco resort, and we get why!

2. Indonesia: Stone House Bali

Eco Family hotels in Asia

Made up of three individual suites, the Stone House Bali is an ideal place to retreat to with your family. All villas breathe the authentic Balinese vibe (the beautiful furniture being made from recycled and sustainable Indonesian wood by Balinese and Javanese carpenters) and love for its natural surroundings, combined with a hint of luxury.

You will find extraordinary views, cozy corners and the most wonderful colors and fabrics everywhere, whether it’s in your suite, at the huge (communal) pool or in the Great Room, a large sitting area where you can meet and join all other guests whenever you feel like it.

Extras include:

  • massages
  • day trips
  • cooking lessons
  • yoga
  • babysitting and cots (at extra cost)

Kids will love the pool, roaming around the grounds and playing with sweet dogs Lulu and Bella. A true eco and family friendly resort according to TRVLBEES’ members Nina Pierson and Matthijs Scholten.

3. China: Alila Anji Resort

Eco Family hotels in Asia

Now this is what we would call a great combination of both luxury and sustainable tourism. Why:

  • Located in the Anji county, which forms a pilot county for ecological and green building construction
  • This quiet eco family resort is situated on a hillside overlooking a lake, surrounded by 60,000 hectares of pristine bamboo groves, tea plantations and plum trees
  • In addition to its location, Alila hotels adopt EarthCheck operating standards, integrating the natural, physical and cultural elements of their environments.
  • Extra features: a heated indoor swimming pool, cooking lessons for adults ánd your mini(s), a Kids Club and yoga lessons
  • Bikes available to explore the grounds

Go check it out and enjoy this beautiful sunset in real life!

4. Thailand: Soneva Kiri

A resort that offers treehouses. And a water slide. And bunk beds. It does not get much better than that, right? Well, at Soneva Kiri, it actually does.


  • This family resort created the Den, a giant moulded bamboo playground shaped like a manta ray where kids can play Thai instruments, paint or simply play together
  • The Eco Den also offers a special program for 1-5 year olds to play and take part in activities that meet Soneva’s standards of social and environmental responsibility, supervised by qualified childcare experts
  • Extra features: kids excursions to the rainforest or local schools, get an onsite ice cream parlor ánd a Chocolate Room. Yes, a day-to-night chocolate room…

We rest our case…

Soneva eco family resort

In terms of Sustainable Tourism and eco awareness, this incredible resort ticks the boxes quite well, too:

  • named ‘Our Purpose’, Soneva aims to do everything they possibly can to discourage and recycle waste, support local businesses and initiatives and host the SLOW LIFE symposium
  • each Soneva Resort has fruit and vegetable gardens to supply the resort with fresh produce
  • the Soneva Foundation planted more than half a million trees in the northern part of Thailand, creating a rich bio diverse forest, and greatly encourages biodiversity (Kiri has its own resident biologist)

The TRVLBEES team greatly applauds such wonderful eco family resorts!

5. Vietnam: Mai Chau Ecolodge

This cozy ecolodge is just three hours away from bustling Hanoi and provides all the peace and quiet you might need during your family holiday.

Situated on top of a private hill, the lodge is built entirely from natural materials- think bamboo interiors and outdoor jungle showers. Great little detail: none of the 19 charming bungalows offers a television! How’s that for a detox… Instead, you and your kid(s) can enjoy the pool (with a kids area), the free bikes, massages, tours in the area and some farming work (depending the season; the garden needs tending too!).

The lodge is simple and small, yet cozy and eco friendly, offering great views, food and service. Plus, and that’s what attracts us most, a sometimes much needed break from the everyday rush and a plunge into nature.

TRVLBEES’ member Asha Hussain recommends staying in one of the connected family rooms – don’t forget to look out the window for a splendid view of the paddy fields…

Inspired? Go check out these eco family hotels in Asia or see some of our other gems in Asia here!

Written by Contributing Editor Felicia da Costa.