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Cherish the balance of relaxation and adventure in a vibrant and unique life of Cuba. Blend of music, culture and spectacular scenery, this beautiful family-friendly tropical gem of the Caribbean, described by Christopher Columbus as "the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen." For this, you will need to visit and found out yourself. Take a dip to natural water, learn to salsa and enjoy the wide variety of cultures, sunny beaches, and wonderful traditional food. Cuba with kids can suit all ages and interests, it's full of fun family activities, including horse riding, beautiful hikes, and a local Casa de la Cultura.

  • Havana with kids – by Amelia Edelman

    In today’s member interview we talk to Amelia Edelman. Traveling conquered a big place in her heart ever since she went on a class trip to France when she was 16. And ever since – the lust to wander, discover and learn new culture hasn’t stopped. Together with her 3-year-old son Silas she travels all […]

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