Surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, Puglia has many things to offer for families, including boutique-style luxury family hotels of Puglia and some of the best beaches in Italy with beautiful surroundings and genuine Italian cuisine.

The Village of Ostuni

Puglia – a beautiful region in the south of Italy, with nice all-year-round weather, a place to enjoy and experience the local lifestyle, discover the surroundings, culture-rich lifestyle and relax at the luxury family hotels of Puglia. No matter the age or interest, each end everyone will be enjoying every moment of it. 


A stunning laid-back historically restored farmhouse with family suites ( perfect for 2 – 6 persons), private beach club, and great food.

Lunch at Coccaro Beach club

This beautiful luxury family hotel located by the coast of Puglia, surrounded by olive groves offers restaurants, for parents a time to relax at the incredible Aveda Spa or Golf course, while kids happily enjoy playgrounds and horse riding (also with ponies) along the countryside and on the beach.

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Located between the Trulli valley and Salento ideal for 2 – 6 person family. This luxury family hotel it’s a great location from which to explore Puglia with its lovely nature, historical sites and only a 20 min drive to the coast where you can enjoy a relaxed day at the beach.

Kids will love cooling off in the pool, after a lovely breakfast with homemade cakes, while parents enjoy the white city of Ostuni, less than 2 minutes away. Ask the Masseria to make a reservation for a ride by tuktuk.

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Stunning Beaches

Natural beauty coastline you just can’t say no to! Located in the south, Puglia has the advantaged to provide nice weather all year round. The best time to enjoy the beach to the full potential is between April and September months.

Charming Villages and Towns

Discover different cultures of South Italy, while exploring charming little towns and villages, each of the places has something unique to offer.

For the little ones, nothing is more magical than the iconic tinny Trulli houses located in Alberobello

Be sure to also visit the little towns like: Lecce – The stunningly beautiful Salento area also referred to as “Florence of the South” is a must to visit if you seek to discover architectural treasures. While there, be sure also to try out delicious local dishes like “rustico leccese”.

Monopoli – If the sunny beaches are too much then enjoy a fun day at a water park at Acquapark Egnazia. Offering all kinds of slides and kid’s areas which will suit any age.

Monpoli harbor

Grotte Di Castellana – Explore more than 90 million-year-old caves. It’s a must when visiting Puglia, and your kids will enjoy the different colors and shapes of the magical caves.

Local Adventures

Explore the countryside lifestyle at the local Masseria – family-owned farms. The little one will gladly enjoy making new animal friends and as for their parents and the curious ones, a chance to participate and learn the secrets behind the makings of cheese or the perfect olive oil.

If farm life does not sound appealing, no worries, enjoy the second biggest wildlife park in Europe – ZooSafari. Who can say no to that? Toddlers and teenagers will be thrilled to be close to the fascinating animals wandering around.

Traditional Puglia Cuisine

Locally grown, fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables. Puglia offers delicious traditional Italian cuisine. While exploring Bari try handmade “little ears” pasta – Orecchiette. Locals may teach you how to make them too.

Via The Youngren

We hope you will enjoy your time at this beautiful family-friendly holiday destination. Luxury family hotels of Puglia will surely become your favorite getaway.

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Visiting Brittany with your kids? Or do you want some inspiration for your next holiday? Please keep reading for the best family activities in Brittany.

All these activities are tipped by our travelbee Renee Koudstaal, who lives in two cities. Amsterdam, where she raises her two beautiful sons, and Paris to pick her moments of freedom.

best family activities in Brittany

Renee Koudstaal, travelbee, mum of 2 and owner of @lestyleparisien.

She is the owner of @lestyleparisien and knows everything about living the French lifestyle and where to enjoy the best family holidays in France… Yes, Brittany is one of her favorites to spend her holidays! Below she will first let you in on the best places to stay and then shares the best family activities in Brittany.

What travelbee Renee says

“To me Brittany is one of the most beautiful regions in France. An ideal mix of stunning landscapes, great food and enough space not to bump into a tourist every other second. Having children did not alter in any way my love for this region but it surely required some advice from my friends in Brittany to give a more family-proof twist to my stays there. This is the list of child friendly, but also parent satisfying, activities locals love”.

Chateau de Vitre| Photo credits by Emmanuel Berthier

Where to stay

Les Maisons de Bricourt

Visit les Maisons de Bricourt and its beautiful property: rent a gite with your family, or a room at the Chateau Richeux (without kids:).

Les Maisons de Bricourt with cozy rooms and family gites

best family activities in brittany

Sleeping like roses in one of the bedrooms

Interiors with detail

Eat at Le Coquillage (still without kids) or have your kids discover the famous Roellinger spices in the shop or the tasty patisserie at the Grain de Vanille. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens (to digest…) before heading to the beach.

Lunch between de pine trees

best family activities in brittany

Beach views from the pool

Manoir Dalmore

Another great place to stay is the eco-hotel Manoir Dalmore. It offers family rooms for 4 persons and a wonderful restaurant which serves delicious dishes made with local produce.

Direct access to the beach

You will love the sauna and the terrace with beautiful views of the sea. The kids will love playing on the beach (just steps from the hotel) or the playground.

One of the bedrooms at Manoir Dalmore

What to do

best family activities in brittany
Château de La Bourbandais (with a zoo)
  • Learn a few Breton words, often unpronounceable, hence laughing out loud-guaranteed during your travel time to Brittany: Welcome // Degemer Mat,  Hello // Demat, bye // Kenavo, Thank you // Trugarez, How are you // Penaos ‘mañ kont , are you ok? // Mat ar jeu),…
  • A visit to Rennes and its beautiful historical center. Don’t miss out on the Parc du Thabor to visit the rose-gardens and the birds aviary and the Marché des Lices to check out all the scary looking fish and seafood (sometimes still alive)…

Fresh fish food from the ocean to your table

  • Of course a trip to Brittany means enjoying the sea. Not really by swimming (way too chilly for most of us) but a boat trip is a total must do. One of the most well-known departs from Saint Malo with a replica of the famous sailing-ship Le Renard.

Boat Trip with the Renard | Photo credits by Etoile Marine

  • Visit the Vallée des Saints in the center of Brittany (Côtes d’Armor). This beautiful valley is one of the key cultural attractions in this area with 113 huge sculptures made out of granite, still 887 to go to honour the 1000 Breton saints.
best family activities in brittany

Vallee des saints |Photo credits by Yannick Derennes

  • Put on your fisherman’s clothes, take your fishing nets and buckets and off you go to the beach at low tide. Don’t forget to jump on the sand to make the small cockles come out.Please always check the low and high tides here to be safe.
best family activities in brittany
Hunting shells on the beach | Photo credits by Gildas Raffanel
  • Make a trip to Île de Bréhat (boats leaving from L’Arcouest in Ploubazlanec). Rent a bike and stay the night to experience the island with locals only. Plan everything in advance here.
best family activities in Brittany
Island of Bréhat | Photo credits by Yannick Le Gal
  • Buy a Marinière, the typical Breton sailor shirt, from Saint James or Armor Lux. You will find these brands and others throughout Brittany. But if you have time, certainly peek into the factory at the shop in Saint James or visit the Armor Lux outlet shop in Quimper.
best family activities in brittany
Peek into the factory at the shop in Saint James | Photo credits by Renee Koudstaal
  • The Broceliande forest is a paradise for children offering all kinds of activities within a world full of historical legends, myths, like canoeing, carriage rides, theatre plays, storytellers,..
  • Brittany offers an impressive number of picturesque villages with the advantage of being small, so perfectly do-able with young children.  My favorites are Rochefort-en-Terre (with a prehistorical parc nearby at Malansac), La Gacilly (with the Maison Yves Rocher) and Carnac (slightly bigger, with an historical center but also a nice beach side with many restaurants).
best activities in Brittany
Rochefort-en-Terre | Photo credits by Emmanuel
  • Listen to local music, to get a better feel of the culture:
  • Fête des remparts in Dinan, the biggest medieval festival in Europe which offers life time memories for sure. It takes place every summer. Definitely go there and definitely book in advance.
best family activities in brittany
Fête des remparts in Dinan

What to eat and drink

  • Try local food: which could be a fulltime activity in Brittany… Salted butter, all the different seafood, crêpes, galettes, pastries like the “Kouign Amann” (sugar, pastry and butter…) ,…
Best family activities in brittany
Yummy! Typical French crepes
  • Local drinks? Not for children, but what if they go to bed early thanks to all the fun they had during the day? Try the local ciders or Le Chouchen, a drink made from fermented honey and water.  Also try Le Pommeau and Le Muscadet. Brittany has several natural sources like Isabelle, Cristaline, Monts-d’Arrée, Brocéliande, Saint-Alix and Plancoët. Certainly try those!

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best family activities in brittany
Photo credits by Renee Koudstaal
In this Toronto Guide Travelbee, Amanda Blakley, travel journalist & editor at Crumb, lets you in on her recommendations as a local of things to do in Toronto with kids.

Toronto, like many great urban centers, is a city of neighborhoods. People always comment on how diverse our culture and citizens are – and it’s true. Toronto is definitely a melting pot. You can have an authentic dim sum breakfast in Chinatown, a Bangladeshi curry for lunch in Little India and follow that up with a proper Italian feast (in one of two Little Italy’s no less!). There are just so many things to do in Toronto with kids.

Things to do in Toronto with kids, trvlbees amanda blakleyTravelbee, mom and travel journalist Amanda Blakley

Our weekly Toronto tends to stay within a small radius, however we love to use the weekend as an excuse to be explorers and adventurers in our own town. Becoming parents has definitely helped us to appreciate our city through a new lens. It’s amazing how many things there are to do in Toronto with kids.



1. Evergreen brickworks 

A former quarry and brick factory in the geographical center of our city is now home to this Eco-friendly, community and cultural center. This charity devotes their days to restoring the local flora and fauna in an urban environment. Visitors can enjoy the naturalized ponds, gardens, market, gourmet restaurant, greenhouse and programming – all on site.

Things to do in Toronto with kidsEvergreen brickworks

We usually go on Saturday mornings to hit the Farmer’s market for local fare, fruit and produce, as well as some delicious snacks made-to-order by various vendors. After we’ve stocked up on necessities, we grab our favorite coffee from Cafe Belong, browse the greenhouse for new plants or visit the children’s garden for some nature play. They recently introduced workshops for families that we plan on checking out – foraging for wild edibles caught our interest.

Things to do in Toronto with kidsWorkshop Evergreen brickworks

2. Ward’s Island 

Just off the Toronto harbour lie the beautiful Toronto Islands, a cluster of three Islands. All are just a short boat or ferry ride from downtown. Wards Island is residential and has rows of beautiful colonial homes, a beach and our favorite little eco restaurant called The Island Cafe. Here they incorporate some of their homegrown produce into their dishes. Fun fact: The islands comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America.

Things to do in Toronto with kids, family friendly restaurantsThe Island Cafe

3. St Lawrence market

This is a fun destination any time of year. With 120 specialty merchants carrying everything from spices to seafood, meat, produce, cheese and delicacies – it’s our top choice to hit when prepping for a dinner party or to grab an interactive lunch.
Tip: Hit any of the large cheese boutiques and sample your way around their offerings. It’s one of our favorite things to do at the market.

Things to do in Toronto with kidsSt Lawrence market

4. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

A must-visit Toronto cultural institution. A recent Frank Gehry overhaul of the building has made this an architectural gem as well as a fine art emporium. There is a children’s den downstairs that is stocked with all kinds of art supplies, costumes and books.

Things to do in Toronto with kids, MOCAAGO

5. Kensington Market 

An eclectic and diverse neighborhood densely packed with independent grocers, fishmongers, fruit stands, butchers, bakers and the like. Located in the downtown core, it is certainly a colorful feast for all the senses. There are tons of amazing little cafes, juice bars, vintage clothing boutiques, independent coffee shops, record stores and innumerable ethnic cuisines. Kensington is also known for its light-hearted Rastafarian culture. Great things to do in Toronto with kids – for sure!
Be sure to check out Pedestrian Sundays when the roads are closed to cars the last Sunday of every month from May to October.

6. ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

This is one of our favourite museums with the kids. The place to enjoy art, world culture and natural history. It is one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada.

Things to do in Toronto with kids, ROMROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

7. Trinity Bellwoods Park 

If Central Park had a scruffy, hipster little brother, this would be him. In the summer it is so densely packed with picnic blankets and merry-makers you’ll be lucky to find a square-inch. However, you’ll be glad when you do, as the people watching and mood is contagious.

Things to do in Toronto with kids, Trinity Bellwoods Park playgroundTrinity Bellwoods Park playground

8. Terroni

A Toronto institution, Terroni is a chain of Family run Italian trattoria’s and Osteria’s. They have more in common with chic Napolese eateries than your run-of-the-mill-Pizzeria. Using only the freshest ingredients imported from Italy, delicious (rare) Italian wines, house made pastas and wood-oven pizzas, they are ever so kid-friendly (those Italians sure know how to embrace and celebrate the joy of the famiglia). Our favorite location is in Summerhill and in the spring/summer and early Fall we love to sit up on their rooftop patio. The views of the city are top!

Things to do with kids in Toronto, Terroni rooftop terraceTerroni rooftop terrace

9. Moca

The brand new Museum of Contemporary Art is an amazing stop for anyone with kids of any age. The main floor has a gorgeous cafe and permanent display of interactive works by Andreas Angelidakis. Like life-sized padded building blocks where kids can build mega forts, obstacle courses and climbing gym.

10. The Drake sky yard 

A hipster-hangout in the west end of the city. The Drake is a much lauded boutique hotel, restaurant, bar and self-proclaimed, “hotbed for culture”. We love eating on the rooftop patio in the summer. Now that this neighbourhood has become gentrified the hipsters are all procreating. This makes it one of many kid-friendly hang-outs in the hood.

11. Advice from a Caterpillar

Our go-to shopping destination for all the best in children’s gear. This concept store features collections from some of Europe and Scandinavia’s best known children’s brands as wel as yet-to-be-discovered labels. The styling and curation of the actual boutique is inspired, therefore it’s hard to leave without buying a baby gift for a friend or something for your minis.

12. Casa Loma 

A majestic castle in midtown Toronto. How magical? The castle was built in the early 20th century, by a prominent Toronto financier, who built it for his wife. The castle now stands proudly as a museum and venue atop a hill looking down upon the cities humble servants. It is truly one of the cities most noteworthy hidden gems. Grab a coffee or snack at the cafe and wander the grounds, check out the stables or just sit by the fountains while your kids play medieval make-believe.

Family friendly Toroto guideCasa Loma

13. The Beaches 

It’s easy to forget that Toronto is on the water, if you spend your daily life (as we do) in midtown. Thanks to the beautiful Lake Ontario, we have a lakefront that stretches the length of the city and beyond. The Beaches is a neighbourhood to the far East of the city that is built around – you guessed it – a series of beaches. In the summer we bring some shovels/buckets and a beach blanket so our boys can play in the sand and splash around in the shallow water. Afterwards we always grab lunch at Tate’s Bakery – a chic and healthy cafe and bakery on Queen St East with comfortable booth seating and cheery interiors.

Things to do in Toronto with kidsThe Beaches

14. Konjiki Ramen

To get a true sense of the variety of cultural backgrounds and neighbourhoods in Toronto, you must venture beyond the city core. Konjiki Ramen is a Japanese transplant (a small Tokyo chain of restaurants with this one Toronto brick and mortar) located in a northern suburb of the city. Their ramen is more than worthy of the long subway ride.


Strolling the beaches, discovering musea or simply relaxing in the city park – there are plenty of things to do in Toronto with kids. Where to stay? Here are two family friendly hotels.

  • The Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville, a luxe neighbourhood full of high-end boutiques and eateries. This is also a great location on the subway line and easy access to downtown and uptown. Their indoor pool is always a hit with our swim-obsessed kids and in the warmer months, there is no better patio for people watching than Hazelton’s. The stylish restaurant is located on the main level of the hotel.The Hazelton also shows that eco and luxury can easily go hand in hand with its many eco-friendly practices. It has a green roof to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and urban island heat effect, one of the first among the city’s hotels. The restaurant qualifies as one of the best places to eat in Toronto. Chef Mark McEwan uses organic, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

The Hazelton

  • The St Regis, Canada’s first SR property and a beautiful base to explore all that downtown has to offer. Their family programming is thoughtful and creative (our boys loved making their own Canadian-themes stuffed animals) and their rooftop restaurant is chic as can be with incredible city and lake views. The St Regis has a heart for sustainability and therefore offers several programs aiming to reduce our environmental footprint. Guests are given the options to forgo housekeeping and enjoy locally sourced food in the restaurant.

Family friendly Toronto guideSt Regis


  • Narwhal Boutique – fashionable contemporary designer mom wear
  • 6 By Gee Beauty – vacation wardrobe and gifts
  • Mellah – Moroccan rug shop

Things to do in Toronto with kids6 By Gee Beauty 


  • Parallel – this is an amazing Israeli restaurant & Cafe in a random commercial zone at Dupont and Dufferin. Their homemade tahini (sesame butter) and pitas certainly make it worth the trek.
  • Dailo – a cool dining place!
  • Flock – a casual dine-in or take-out restaurant by one of the cities beloved chef’s, Cory Vitiello. Serving craveable rotisserie chicken and inventive salads.
  • Bar Isabel – a fashionable cafe on the College street strip serving up Basque favourites in an architecturally beautiful interior. Go for morning coffee and pastries followed by evening tapas and wine
  • Buca – with several locations around the city (each with a unique twist and menu) this is THE place for high-end Italian


Coffee is a Toronto pastime and preoccupation – as the city is teeming with great cafes and baristas churning out steaming cups of goodness. Here are some of our faves:

  • East end: Hailed Coffee, Odin, The Rooster, Dineen Outpost
  • West end: Contra, Sam James, Creed’s, Milky’s, Tucana, Early Bird, Tokyo Smoke, Baddies
  • Midtown: Ezra’s Pound, Creed’s, Boxcar Social, Bar Central, Cafe Belong

Treats – there is no shortage of amazing and instagrammable places to get a sweet fix. Our kids love these spots for a special treat:

  • Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns
  • Bang bang for ice cream sammies
  • Sweet Jesus for crazy cones

Drinks –

  • Bar Raval
  • Pretty Ugly
  • Maison Selby

Family friendly Toronto guideRosen’s Cinnamon Buns

If you are looking for the best family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand, you’re on the right page. This blog lists a few of our favorite hideways in Thailand; from North to South and right in the middle.

Family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand

Thailand is great, both for you and your kid(s). The wonderful food, culture and lovely warm people make this destination so perfect for a family holiday. We think-  and experienced as a parent – that this sort of travel is extremely valuable to a child’s education, particularly when you visit the cultural and historic highlights…but of course… enough time to relax at the pool and the sandy beaches too.

Plans to visit Thailand this upcoming period or in the future? We’ve selected the best family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand to stay at (and there eco-friendly too) and we’ve also collected our best tips of things to do with the family. Let’s start planning a wonderful family holiday full of memories, quality time together and learning about new cultures and nature!


Whether you’re traveling via Bangkok as a stop-over or coming to stay for a couple of days– you’ll have at least 100 options for some family fun in the capital of Thailand. Please check below the best Bangkok hotels and things to do with your family below; all based on child friendliness, style and the sustainable aspect.

What to do in Bangkok with kids

  • A biking tour with Co van Kessel to see Bangkok’s daily life. Great guides and safe bikes (also with seats for small children on the back of the bike)
  • Visit the Grand Palace & Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  • The Children’s Discovery Musuem; a wealth of fun and educational activities to keep the kids entertained for a whole day!
  • Have an underwater experience at Sea Live Bangkok Ocean World, southeast Asia’s largest aquarium. Located one level below the huge food court in Siam Paragon mall
  • Visit an old house full of relics: the Jim Thompson house. Kids (especially 6+ age) will love learning about how silk was made and exploring the house and garden.

Where to stay in Bangkok with kids

Chakrabongse Villas boutique family stay

It is the perfect place to both unwind and relax, and explore Bangkok by foot and boat. The jungle like gardens and riverside terraces give you a feeling of total relaxation, an ‘away from it all’ vibe, while countless historic sights are just a stone’s throw away. The hardest decisions you have to make each day is whether to lay by the pool, go for a bike ride or book a massage. Utter bliss

Read the whole review about this boutique hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here).

Anantara Riverside Bangkok

With 11 acres of greenery, endless wellness options and a kids-club with vibrant activities, this Riverside Resort offers an oasis of peace located in the buzzing city life of Bangkok. Hop on one of the resorts shuttle boats and start exploring the many gems Bangkok has to offer. After a relaxing massage, drift away on the finest Thai silk in your family-friendly suite with lush river or garden views.

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Hua Hin is Thailand’s oldest beach town resort. The place is known for the King’s private residence, and attracts a lot of wealthier local Thai for their weekends away. The charm of Hua Hin is that it still retains its fishing village serenity, which is now side by side with the bustling center. Here are some fresh ideas when exploring this lively seaside town – just a 2,5 hours’ drive from Bangkok.

What to do with kids in Hua Hin

  • Visit Hutsdin Elephant Foundation, a non-profit organization that rescues and cares for abandoned elephants
  • Play around on the long stretched beaches and go for a pony ride
  • Have a great lunch at Hua Hin Vine Yards (Monsoon village)
  • Visit one of many local evening markets


Where to stay with kids in Hua Hin

A locally owned boutique hotel as tipped by travelbee Eva. This smaller sized refuge is really one of the most family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand! It provides more intimacy compared to the big hotel chains that cover the beach side here. The setting of this boutique hotel with 56 suites and villas is beautiful, right on the beach side of Hua Hin. This hotel is a little oasis, where you can find attention in every little detail. The kids will love the child friendly atmosphere of this hotel. If you love being surrounded by Thai guests, instead of having a tourist experience in one of the big hotels, please visit the Rest Detail hotel.

Read the whole review about Rest Detail hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here)

Family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand

This small eco resort with 25 unique residences, is a place where you and the kids will feel welcome immediately.  after only a few days the staff will know your preferences, which will make your stay even more memorable. The focus here is on the guests and the environment, which you’ll feel 100%. The resort aims to have a zero carbon footprint: hammocks are made by local fishermen, furniture is made from reclaimed wood, and the restaurant uses produce grown in the resort’s organic garden or their own farm. Each suite is located mere footsteps away from the sandy beach and offers commanding sea views!

Read the whole review about this hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here)



Thailand’s Northern part Chiang Mai is a site of misty mountains and colorful hill tribes, a playground for family travelers, a paradise for shoppers and a delight for adventurers. Despite its relatively small size, Chiang Mai truly has it all.

Where to stay with kids in Chiang Mai

Step through the striking wooden exterior and discover a world of indulgence with your stay at this boutique eco resort. An oasis of calm, this refuge provides the perfect access point for exploring the city’s hidden treasures and surrounding natural wonders. Combining contemporary Thai elements with the site’s colonial-era heritage, this is the ideal place for you and the kids to experience the majesty of Thailand’s charming northern city or simply relax and let the world go by. Kids love dipping in the 34-meter riverside pool or painting umbrellas, you will love the food that is locally sourced, seasonal, vegetarian options and organic whenever possible!

Read the whole review about this hotel here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here)

What to do with kids in Chiang Mai

  • Stay at a hill tribe homestay, to simply watch how daily life goes by in a village
  • Play in the water amidst beautiful scenery and lush nature at the Bua Tong ‘Sticky’ Waterfalls. The natural formation of limestone makes the waterfall ‘sticky’ and therefore easy to climb
  • Be eco-friendly and recycle elephant poop into paper – the Poo Poo Paper Park in Mae Rim makes this a fun and educational (and non-disgusting) experience. Take a self-guided tour in a lovely outdoor space that encompasses a well-maintained park, fish pond, café, shop, fibre cleaning and pulp processing stations, and a crafts table, where kids can make their own poo poo paper creations
  • Join an art workshop and paint your own blank 15cm Elephant Parade elephant and maybe become one of the exhibition artists because of your beautiful work and talent!



Here you find two of our favorite family friendly stays in the south of Thailand. Different in budget and amenities but reaching these properties is an adventure and both offer great hospitality. Above all, both are sustainable, stylish and family-friendly.

“You will find the soul of kindness and hospitality here.” – quoted by our travelbee Linsey. This is one of the last undiscovered gems in Thailand. If you are looking for chilled out excitement for your next vacation, then a relaxed Thai adventure holiday on Koh Phayam may be the answer. It’s an idyllic and unspoiled island with great surfing, hiking and other adventures. The bungalows of this lovely eco lodge have a minimalist style but are really clean and comfortable nonetheless. Please go, before it’s too late.

Read the whole review about this lodge here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here)

Award-winning eco luxury resort Soneva Kiri is located on Thailand’s fourth largest but least populated island. It offers an unrivalled combination of luxury, an integral environmental approach, authentic Thai experiences and mouthwatering organic food. The resort comprises 36 different pool villas (1- 6 bedrooms) on beach level, hillsides or cliff tops, which all have warm, charming furnishings, personal electric buggies and impeccable service courtesy with your own private butlers. A true gem!

Read the whole review about this resort here (you have to be a member to login => Not a member yet? Please join for free here)

Family-friendly stylish hotels in Thailand

More travel inspiration for stylish, sustainable and kid-friendly boutique hotels and hideaways? Please become a member and check the whole TRVLBEES-collection.

This place should definitely be high on your family travel bucket list for so many reasons – and to help you out we’ve selected a few of the best boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech  ánd some of our favorite things to do while you’re there. Enjoy!

Magical Marrakech has been a popular destination for forever, and boy do we at TRVLBEES agree…


One could easily spend weeks in and around the city of Marrakesh, a former imperial city. However, we have selected a few must do’s that both parents ánd kiddos will enjoy:

boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech


Spend time wandering the medina, the old walled part that’s also the city’s cultural heart, and try not to get lost in the labyrinth-style streets. A visit to the Jemaa El-Fnaa market is obligatory, as the square is the main pulse of Marrakech. Snake charmers, music, street food- you’ll be entertained from day to night…

Want to shop? Marrakesh’ souks offer everything you never knew you wanted or needed…Beautifully woven carpets, pottery, and leather goods are just a few of the many things you’ll see (and buy!). Loud, crowded and full of amazing smells and spices, you will be mesmerized for hours. Do take a map or a guide- you would not be the first to hopelessly get lost in those narrow alleyways!


There are many beautiful mosques to admire, but be sure to visit the Koutoubia Mosque. Still the highest mosque in the city, it was built in the 12th century and very much worth a peek- while non-moslims are not allowed to enter, the gardens, base and ruins are beautiful to roam about.

boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech

Majorelle Gardens

Feel like some peace and quiet? These beautiful gardens will bring you just that, away from the (scorching!) heat of the medina. A huge area with wonderful plants, fountains, covered walkways and a small museum- all painted a striking cobalt blue which has since become known as…Majorelle blue. There’s a memorial for the late Yves Saint Laurent as he and Pierre Bergé bought and thus rescued the gardens from being replaced by a hotel in 1980. Perfect place to let the kid(s) run free!

boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech


City trips are all fun and games, but sometimes it’s wise to let the kids decide what to do for a day. And when it includes water, most of them will be eternally grateful! Take them to this park, where they (and you!) can enjoy no less than eight different pools and slides and beautiful gardens. Time to cool off!


Yet another gem-of-a-place to cool off after the hot hustle and bustle of Marrakech. This historic oasis with thousands of date palms as well as olive and fruit trees is a perfect (luxurious) place to unwind. Lots of resorts, golf courses and camel rides ensure fun for your entire family.

boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech

Atlas Mountains

Only a two-hour drive from Marrakech, these mountains offer a peek into the indigenous Berber culture- not to mention the incredible views (think snow-peaked mountain tops and lush valleys all at once) and beautiful vegetation. Perfect for hiking at all levels as well, the High-, Middle- and Anti Atlas will satisfy any outdoor lover!


Here are in our opinion the best boutique hotels with kids in Marrakech:

L’ma Lodge

Touring Morocco? Then this is a place that definitely deserves a stopover either going to or coming from Marrakech. Beautifully set in in the heart of the palm groves in Skoura, this charming guesthouse consists of a Maison and, located in the large garden, a Riad with a rooftop terrace that offers a 360 degree view of the surroundings. The food is outstanding, as everything is fresh and locally sourced or straight from the garden.

Too lazy to explore the area? Just grab a book or board game, all at your disposal, and head to the (heated) free-form pool with a submerged beach… Or what about a game of boules? A variety of activities are available upon request. The suites can accommodate up to five persons- perfect for a family!

Jnane Tamsna

Located in the above-mentioned Palmeraie, this boutique hotel offers both hotel rooms and villa rentals, as well as five (!) pools and a tennis court. Now how’s that for an oasis of relaxation? Should you feel the need to add some action to your day you can attend a cooking class or take a camel ride. The kids will be kept busy learning Arabic calligraphy or attending a magic class learning magic tricks.

Our favorite? A family tour in the sidecar, while discovering the area and Marrakesh’ medina. Lunch and dinner are excellent; traditional Moroccan cuisine is mixed with modern touches, utilizing organic produce from the gardens- this makes for a wonderful, healthy and surprising experience.
Special kids meals and babysitting can easily be arranged, and there’s a games room for older children.
Large rooms, Garden rooms and Pavilion Suites are best for families.

Text by Contributing Editor, Felicia da Costa