Family friendly beach hotel in Denmark

Denmark’s hotel gem

Looking for the best Family friendly beach hotel in Denmark?  You might want to look closer. A bit closer. Maybe just a bit more? There it is! Bornholm – The Sunshine Island in Denmark and in recent years well known for being an eco-friendly, foodie and family holiday destination. Rocks, cliffs, waves splashing and sunshine form the foundation of the Danish island during summertime. With its beautiful beaches, many cycling routes, huge ice-creams and freshly smoked fish it attracts families from all over the World year after year.

The island is well known for among other things its creative souls and a population with a beating heart for entrepreneurship. The raw, beautiful nature inspires to progress, to find new ways and patterns – to try what you’re passionate about and is of course the perfect place to relax, unwind and explore with the kids.

Raw, beautiful nature

This is what I call home. This is where I started my creative multi-company. I am driven by creativity and find inspiration in everything that surrounds me. Therefore, it should come as no surprise, that one of my core-values is related to the amazing nature surrounding us. I want my work to embrace the environment, while making sure to send a message across – to take care of our wonderful Mother Earth.

My name is Sofie Hammer. I am married to Mads, and we are the proud parents of our two children Fay and Knud. I am a graphic designer with a great passion for photography. Mads and I, lived in Canada for several years, before we chose new adventures on Bornholm, where the passion for creativity and the company really took root.

picture: @by.sofiehammer

The long, cold and snowy Danish winter, has left the entire family longing for southern warm breezes. Which is why the next destination on the map is Tuscany, where culture, history, art, great food and hopefully a bucket full of sunshine is the base of the perfect family holiday. The dream is a stylish kid friendly boutique villa like Villa La Bianca with a small pool, sunshine, shade and the sound of the children playing.

But first, I will welcome Spring here on the Sunshine Island.

Are you planning to visit Denmark?

Then certainly include a visit to Bornholm and stay at the wonderfully stylish kid-friendly hotel Nordlandet: next to the beach, lovely family rooms, and fabulous restaurant.