The best family friendly hotel tips by owner of Bellamy Gallery

We’re sitting at her kitchen table at home and Mireille makes us the most delicious cup of coffee. This is the way she always starts her day. No weak coffee for her, but coffee with character that gives you energy and inspires you. Exactly, as you would describe Mireille.

Mireille van der Sprong, worked as a board member for a large Dutch fashion retailer, before deciding she wanted to make a personal impact in the fashion industry by co-founding Bellamy Gallery, a sustainable fashion brand for men, women and children.

The transparent fashion concept seems to be catching on with consumers, because Bellamy Gallery just opened stores in Belgium – with plans to open stores in other countries in Europe.

Starting your own business is of course very rewarding, but also means Mireille is always busy. As is her husband, Harm. So how do they make sure they have quality time for their three kids and each other? They have breakfast together each day: the kids know they must be at the breakfast table at 7:45 or else….

family travel by owner bellamy gallery

Unwind at kid-friendly hideaways

Apart from this ritual every morning, Mireille tries as much as possible to create memories with her loved ones. For her, that especially means traveling as a family: for them this is a time to truly relax and unwind, preferably at kid-friendly hideaways. They love being active and often go sailing on the Frisian lakes. And if it’s sun their looking for, Marrakech is the place to be for them (Fellah hotel).

Her must-haves for a holiday are a stylish place with a green mind-set (with at minimum an organic kitchen) and personal service.

An incredible way to bond as a family

The biggest message she would love to send to parents is that your travel lifestyle does not have to end when you have a family or busy life. Travelling is an incredible way to bond as a family, introduce your kids to a variety of sights, smells and sounds and prepare them for a life surrounded by other cultures and nature.

On her wish list right now? A desire to spend a greater amount of time with her kids and husband and get the chance to travel through the west coast of the US. So, if you have a good tip for a property for Mireille?  Please leave it behind here.